15 December 2010

Fine Fellow Chris Linder speaks at #AGU10

Today at  11:20am PST, Chris Linder will give a talk in the Imperative of Climate Literacy II session - Moscone South room 102 at the 2010 meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

Multimedia storytelling

Chris Linder, Max Wilbert, R. Max Holmes

Multimedia video presentations, which integrate still photographs with video clips, audio interviews, ambient sounds, and music, are an effective and engaging way to tell science stories.  In July 2009, Linder joined professors and undergraduates on an expedition to the Kolyma River in northeastern Siberia. This IPY science project, called The Polaris Project (http://www.thepolarisproject.org), is an undergraduate research experience where students and faculty work together to increase our understanding of climate change impacts, including thawing permafrost, in this remote corner of the world.  During the summer field season, Linder conducted dozens of interviews, captured over 20,000 still photographs and hours of ambient audio and video clips.  Following the 2009 expedition, Linder blended this massive archive of visual and audio information into a 10-minute overview video and five student vignettes.  In 2010, Linder again traveled to Siberia as part of the Polaris Project, this time mentoring an environmental journalism student who will lead the production of a video about the 2010 field season.  Using examples from the Polaris productions, we will present tips, tools, and techniques for creating compelling multimedia science stories.

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