09 June 2010

GigaScapula, by Maguyver (aka Fine Fellow Matt Sisk)

What do you do when you're working in a remote location and you realize you've forgotten a crucial part of your tripod?

Fine Fellow Matt Sisk  recently returned from archaeology field work in Ethiopia, where he faced this dilemma... He says,"I've attached a photo of a new innovation in gigapan technology. Well, maybe not new, but when someone forgets the socket for the tripod and you're miles away from another, sometimes you have to Maguyver a solution out of cow bones and duct tape.  It worked surprisingly well..."

Matt is an archeology PhD Student at Stonybrook State University of New York whose work focuses mainly on the origins and character of modern human behavior, particularly use of the landscape. His dissertation research relates site location to models of subsistence, settlement, and sociality in the Middle to Upper Paleolithic of the Vezere Valley in southwest France.

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Paper submission now open

Submit a paper: http://precisionconference.com/~fofs

 We're so pleased to release the paper submission details for the first Fine International Conference on Gigapixel Imaging for Science (November 11–13, 2010 • Pittsburgh, PA).  Please note we've extended the paper submission deadline to June 28.

Paper Submission details
Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length, 4-6 page papers, including annotated gigapans where applicable. We expect gigapixel imaging to play a significant role in contributing to the scientific merit of the research described. The preferred format is a PDF file with 8.5x11 inch pages, 1 column, 10 point font (To create PDF from Microsoft Word, for example, just do Save As: PDF).
[download the paper submission template .doc | download the full CFP .pdf]

The proceedings will not be printed in a bound volume but will be available for free under an Open Access policy from a server at cs.cmu.edu during the conference and indefinitely afterward. PDF typically keeps only several hundred dots per inch, so to enable readers to see the full detail of gigapixel images, authors are strongly encouraged to include links to high resolution, interactive, or video media that resides outside their PDF. To do so, simply add a link to your document, e.g.: http://www.gigapan.org/gigapans/17217/ or http://www.panoramas.dk/2009/lake-annecy-paragliding.html.

Some submissions will be accepted as 30 minute presentations and some will be accepted as posters with short talks. Attendees will have a range of scientific backgrounds, so please make your paper readable to people outside your specialty, and spell out acronyms on first use. Papers that have been previously published or are submitted elsewhere should be so identified. After a paper is accepted, authors can not only revise their PDF but also have the option to create a rich online format for the accepted paper, which could include for example HTML with embedded media.

Submit a paper: http://precisionconference.com/~fofs

Important Dates
June 28, 2010  •  Paper submission deadline
August 6, 2010  •  Paper and gallery show acceptance notification
August 23, 2010  •  Revised paper upload deadline
September 13, 2010  • Early registration deadline
October 21, 2010  •  Conference Registration deadline
November 11–13, 2010  •  Conference dates

Please visit the conference website at http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~fofs for additional information, submission details, and further updates.