14 November 2008

Storytelling with Gigapan

Well Ron Schott has prototyped something that we are very happy to see. Here is a website he has created that uses gigapan imagery to take you on a guided tour. I just tried it on Firefox and it worked very well in that browser. We are working on features to enable all members to tell stories like this, so if your web hacking skills leave you wanting more tools, be patient and we hope to satisfy you soon. Thank you Ron for sharing this- it is outstanding.

05 September 2008

GigaPan Mission & Vision

We have recently heard some great stories about individuals stumbling onto our mission and vision for GigaPan and its home project, the Global Connection Project. There are two good places to read about our motivation for doing what we do with GigaPan, and here are links to both of them. We hope you enjoy learning more about the 'why' behind this project:

About Gigapan
About Global Connection

25 August 2008

More Gigapan Outreach

We love seeing websites begin to incorporate Gigapan explorability into their presentations, and a number of news organizations have begun doing this. One fun, new scientific foray is involved with the work of the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World at Brown University. Here is their embedded Gigapan page: