13 October 2010

More than meets they eye:

No, not transformers. Instead, think "Gigapixel Resolution High Dynamic Range Imaging Workflow and Techniques," a workshop presented by Jay Hirshfeld, CEO/President of Cineflock, LLC and COO/VP of production at Virsocom, Inc. Jay's workshop will demonstrate the benefits and detriments of various methods for obtaining consistent, accurate HDR gigapixel images.

While excellent exposure across an entire image can be achieved in gigapixel-resolution imaging simply by 'averaging' the exposure ranges across a scene, using high dynamic range (HDR) imaging techniques can dramatically improve exposure across the entire field of view, boosting highlight, midtone, and shadow saturation. Utilizing tone mapping techniques allows for increased tonality and apparent definition across an image, often yielding hyperrealistic results. The workshop will explore how to use high dynamic range imaging as an observational tool that ultimately allows for clearer image results as well as understanding the drawbacks and utility in using such techniques.

Jay's searingly clear capture of urban art and decay in Miami: Death of a Warehouse

Don't miss this amazing workshop. Register: www.gigapixelscience.org

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