28 September 2010

We're super excited for this panel at the Gigapixel Conference

On November 12th, we're going to have a super cool panel on micro/macro&nano Gigapixel images.

This panel explores how the application of gigapixel imaging technology can meet these research needs and allow for new discoveries in the microscopic realm. Participants will discuss the design and implementation of a few different instrumental adaptations that enable automatic mosaic capture of images through optical microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, and macro photography. This includes a discussion of motion control, focus stacking, and image stitching techniques currently used in our prototype Micro GigaPan devices.

The panel will be composed of:
  • Gene Cooper, President, Four Chambers Studio
  • Rich Gibson / Thinker / Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jay Longson / Researcher / UC Santa Cruz /
  • Richard Palmer
  • John Rawlins / Curator / Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Randy Sargent / Carnegie Mellon University

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