09 June 2010

GigaScapula, by Maguyver (aka Fine Fellow Matt Sisk)

What do you do when you're working in a remote location and you realize you've forgotten a crucial part of your tripod?

Fine Fellow Matt Sisk  recently returned from archaeology field work in Ethiopia, where he faced this dilemma... He says,"I've attached a photo of a new innovation in gigapan technology. Well, maybe not new, but when someone forgets the socket for the tripod and you're miles away from another, sometimes you have to Maguyver a solution out of cow bones and duct tape.  It worked surprisingly well..."

Matt is an archeology PhD Student at Stonybrook State University of New York whose work focuses mainly on the origins and character of modern human behavior, particularly use of the landscape. His dissertation research relates site location to models of subsistence, settlement, and sociality in the Middle to Upper Paleolithic of the Vezere Valley in southwest France.

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